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Andrea L.


“I had Epstein-Barr Virus that settled in my liver and because I was in Graduate School I was not allowed the space to heal. Dr. Ohling literally kept me alive through grad school and has helped me since in my recovery. Dr. Ohling truly cares about his patients and meeting their needs. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Ohling, a doctor who cares more about his patients than about making lots of money. His office and staff are warm, inviting, and soothing especially to a sick soul. He takes the time to listen and figure out the best options in consultation with his patients. He is a rare and precious jewel in the medical field these days!!!”


Julie T.


“While I was seeing Dr. Ohling for fatigue my legs were hurting and it kept getting worse. He kept saying it was probably food related and I should take a food sensitivity test. I had a hard time believing that could be connected. I finally gave in when I sometimes could barely walk (and it was even worse at night!). I took the test, avoided the list of foods it said was bothering me and almost immediately my leg pain improved. It took about 7 months (I wasn’t always good at it) but it was worth it! It’s hard to give up the foods you love, but I’m so glad to not have that pain anymore! Dr. O is very knowledgeable and very friendly! I trust what he says now!”


Melinda C.


“Dr. Ohling has helped me tremendously in regaining my health. He is knowledgeable and cares about his patients. l have struggled with poor health for many years and after my symptoms became debilitating I was told by other doctors that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and there was nothing I could do. I came to Dr Ohling and with his help I have made huge progress. My body is healing and I feel like I am getting my life back. What I appreciate about Dr Ohling is his willingness to listen and then thoughtfully come up with solutions that address the underlying cause of my individual symptoms. I would highly recommend Dr. Ohling.”